Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Prostate Cancer Awareness week

This week, March 10 to 16, is Prostate Cancer Awareness week.
I have put this ribbon in my sidebar to commemorate this. Feel free to snag!


  1. I believe women are more predisposed to having check-ups for cancers etc than men.  
    Mine tends to think he is invincible even though I tell him to keep a check on changes.  
    I suppose its the stealth and sneakiness of this cancer that lulls a lot of men into complacency.  It won't happen to me etc etc;
    I think men should start looking out for themselves as well as women do.
    Its about time a higher profile was made on this killer of men.
    I have snagged your ribbon for my sidebar too Guido.


  2. Well Guido, after your last mention of prostate cancer I broached the subject (casually) to Doug.  He wanted to hear nothing of it and blatantly refused to even consider a checkup.  What to do!  It turned into a quarrel so I dropped the subject.  Seems he discussed this with his co-workers and none of them take this seriously so I think the message needs to be sent better to men.  I agree with Jeanie, women seem to be much more willing to have the necessary exams.  If one man listens to you it is worth your effort, sadly it isn't going to be my husband.

  3. It`s time this disease was given more awareness I feel.  Six years ago a friend of ours died of prostate cancer aged just 48, he was a non-drinker and smoker and very health concious. Jim decided to have a check up himself but the doctor wasn`t very keen to do it. Eventually after Jim insisting he did have the test and  luckily it was negative but what if it hadn`t been?  The doctor was a man so I would have thought these check ups would have been more of an issue with him.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  4. Very important message to get out to all men.  Very nice tag..take care!!

  5. important message to get out, have snagged the tag and will add to my sidebar, thanks guido. take care mrs t xx