Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Sunset was some 10 minutes ago (as I start this post, at 6.45pm), and cloud has increased through the afternoon. Spits and spots of rain herald the advent of more of the wet stuff. Went for an amble about town this afternoon, and took the pics above. Regular readers may be familiar with some of the sights shown in them.

The parents of Madeleine McCann were awarded £550,000 in a libel case against two tabloid newspapers. These had alleged that they were responsible for Madeleine's death. The money was deposited in the Find Madeleine fund, and a front page apology printed. Since Madeleine went missing, nearly 11 months ago, her parents and a man named Robert Murat have been declared formal suspects by the Portuguese judiciary. Those are the only substantive developments. No trace of the 4-year old has been found since. I am sick of the tabloid press making up stories, and I restrict myself to skimming their headlines as pass by the newspaper stand in the shop.

Would you have confidence in a paper talking about "Macca" when referring to Sir Paul McCartney? His divorce settlement is another total non-story, except it showed his wife off in her true colours, by pouring a jug of water over her ex-husband's lawyer's head.


  1. I have the very same flowers in my garden as are in those tubs Guido.  
    Looks like Stornoway will be cheering the visitors up with a bit of colour as they walk about...if the weather lets them.  Not looking good it?
    I gave up believing anything I read in the papers these days.   The reports are often full of hyperbole...and that's putting it politely!


  2. I had not heard why Ms Mills dumped the water on his head - geesh, she should just go away with her (many) millions.  I love the 2nd picture of the town, it is so lovely.  A TV news show (Dateline) here in the states ran a detailed story on Madeleine, it was quite interesting & really looked into all possibilities.  I am not sure who I believe anymore.

  3. Oh...I love your primroses.   I was happy to see the ones I planted the first of February still blooming when I got home.  I'm afraid the story of little Madeleine's disappearance will never be solved.  Sort of like the murder of little JonetBenet Ramsey in Colorado back in December of 1996. So sad....Linda in Washington

  4. I`m glad the McCanns won their case, the tabloids are responsible for the way a lot of people think. If THEY say the McCanns were involved a lot of people will believe them. Now I hope the tabloids think again before they print more rubbish about innocent, vulnerable people.  I can`t bring myself to even mention Ms. Mills McCartney apart from wishing I the water had found itself being thrown her way!

    Love Sandra xxxx

  5. I love your photos Guido!
    I am so sorry that the McCanns have  not been totally exonerated and I am , like you, relieved that they will get some compensation for that slander that they had to endure for so long!
    I don't know about why anyone would pour water on an attorney's head after having received so much for their child as Paul gave to her.

  6. hi guido, i don't read the tabloids for that very reason, you can't tell fact from fiction with them, anything to sell papers! take care mrs t x

  7. i loved seeing that pot of flowers! COLORS finally.
    Heather McCartney is shameful, a horrid woman. I pray she is fit to be a mom.