Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Local history

Delved into some interesting local history this afternoon. I was asked for photographs of Kildun Farm, which was located on the Arnish Peninsula, onto which I look out. So, off I went to the library, where the staff were most helpful. They dug out an old magazine from 1975, which contained a picture from two decades previous, showing Kildonan Cottage.

I am not able to return to Arnish today to take that picture again. Kildonan Cottage was burned to the ground in the 1970s. The hill from which the photo was taken was razed, to make way for this:

A 2006 view shows the changes in the area


  1. Some thing in life are not an improvement. I would prefer they had rebuilt the cottage. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. Progress isn't always the prettiest...just like the beautiful church I featured in the Photo shoot.  Gone and in it's place an extenstion of a hospital that's already big enough.   Linda in WA

  3. All in the name of progress.Around here there is alot of strip mining going on.
    Granted we need those resources but the cost is raped land,wildlife gone,an eyesore to behold and torn up roads from their heavy equipment that our tax dollars take to repair instead of those companies that ruined them fixing....

  4. katie39041@talktalk.net25 March 2008 at 17:33

    The second picture is very bland. The building does not capture the imagination. I just hope and pray that wind farm does not get passed. That in its self would be a disaster.
    Love and hugs

  5. I wondered who lived in the cottage...always a bit sad when a building (with a family history) is demolished.

  6. Seems idyllic in the old photo.  -  Barbara

  7. Yes, I wonder who lived in the cottage...did it say?  Great photos...so happy the staff was able to help you find them...take care!

  8. oooh, I loved the old photograph.  I just love to see pictures of the way things were before all the changes.  Sounds like you have a nice library staff, if you ask the women at our local library a simple question they act like you are asking them to cut off their arm.  They are nasty old biddies.

  9. blimey, helluva change

  10. princesssaurora26 March 2008 at 04:46

    I love seeing pictures like that... then and now.  I like the cottage better though.

    be well,

  11. thats progress guido          god help us all       the lovely views that once were common are slowly being eroded    lovely pic.         take care mort

  12. Wow, such different landscapes in 30 yrs!

  13. Wow.

    I really should find some of the 30-year "old" photo graphs of areas near me, which have changed from farmland to mini-cities.....

    Glad you can help them with this!  Your enjoyment of local history is really paying off, and will continue to pay off, for generations to come I"m sure.