Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday

Today being Good Friday is a good occasion to bring up the recording I dug out for last year's Easter. The Matthaeus Passion by Bach is quint-essentially Easter. I recommend the recording of the final two chorals. Officially, you are not supposed to clap after a performance of this piece, which is after all related to the death of Christ.

If you have three hours to spare, here is the whole performance.


  1. Oh, I will SO have to try to find a computer with speakers!  I would LOVE this, enjoying Bach and all of this.

    While I am of the viewpoint that this is all done for the glory of God and therefore, clapping isn't truly appropriate, I have learned that some believe differently on that.  Perhaps it'd depend on the arena?

    Anyway, it's reminding me of lovely music to go with the choral of courting birds outside, and the wind that's not blowing off the beginning buds of pink and yellow.

    Happy Easter, Guido.

  2. Beautiful music.....thanks for sharing.  Have a blessed Easter weekend.   Linda in Washington

  3. That was really beautiful Guido, I sat back and enjoyed every minute.  Happy Easter. :o)

    Love Sandra xx

  4. Thank you Guido.  Very enjoyable.   A blessed Easter to you and yours.  

  5. Not being familiar with this piece, I listened to the final two chorals and enjoyed it so much that I had to listen to it again.  I am absolutely enchanted.  Beautiful.  And the imagery it evokes within me as I hear it, oh my, I cannot even speak it.

    Have a very happy Easter,

    Your friend,


  6. cacklinrosie10123 March 2008 at 15:32

    I've actually seen the whole thing and love it.  I've also seen Handel's Messiah performed several times.  There's not supposed to be applause for that either.  I'm off to click the link and enjoy....Chris