Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sunday 16 March

Fairly bright day, with some sunny intervals, much like yesterday. Tonight, we can expect a frost. Over on the mainland, the mercury will plummet to -7C / 20F.

Organise a party and get your house trashed. Particularly when BBC Radio 1 (the popular music channel) gives it a "shout". A girl had organised a fancy-dress party at Bovey Tracey, Devon, for 100 invited guests, to celebrate her 18th. Someone had passed on the information to the BBC, which broadcast the event - resulting in a throng of 400 uninvited guests, who proceeded to rampage through the property. The girl's parents blame the BBC and have declared they are considering their options. Methinks the BBC should stop advertising private parties, or at least check them out before broadcasting. It is well known that "home alone" parties by teenagers tend to get out of hand, and it doesn't need the tender ministrations of the country's public service broadcaster to add to that.

A crane has collapsed in New York, crushing an apartment block in its path. Four have died, dozens are injured, and the emergency services are still scouring the wreckage for survivors.


  1. I can see that radio didn`t help matters but whats wrong with people today?  Why do they have to do all that damage and what do they get out of it?  Its beyond me I can tell you....sigh.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  2. I think it is awful the radio announced the party ~ 400 people....oh my!  The crane incident is terrible.

  3. So sad about the collapse in NY....hope they can find the souls missing...take care!