Sunday, 16 March 2008

Shannon Matthews

The police have asked for extra time to interrogate Shannon's uncle, aged 39, who is being held on suspicion of abduction. The usual recriminations are flying today, which state that "if the police had done this, and if the police had done that, she would have been found faster". The police refute those suggestions. I have not found reliable corroboration for the allegation that Shannon was abused by her stepfather's uncle. This will undoubtedly surface if and when the police decide to charge the man - or not.

In recent days, reception on Sky TV (satellite) has deteriorated somewhat (the dish is rusting), and it's affecting BBC News 24 :-(. As a result, I've reverted to watching Sky News, which is not half as cautious as the BBC in its reporting.


  1. There were suspicions originally about Shannon's mothers's 22 yrd old boyfriend which were quickly dispelled, I did find it odd that it should be his uncle that had taken Shannon, only time will tell the "Why".


  2. I'm SO GLAD to hear that she was found alive, that just seems a miracle these days.  Now with her help, I think they'll find real answers, and hopefully she'll be SAFE at home soon.


  3. I`m really glad that Shannon is safe now and what exactly happened, well I`m sure we`ll find out before long.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  4. It is always interesting to watch these real life dramas unfold.  Thankfully she is okay though.

  5. Why must the media try to hurry things along?  I would rather wait to find out rather than prejudge.  It's everyone's right prior to trial instead of hearing conflicting inuendo.
    I am happy she has been found alive.  Time will bring out the rest of the story.