Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Windy and cold

In common with the rest of the country, we have a westerly wind force 7 going,. This morning, went out to Garry (15 miles north of Stornoway), but there were frequent hail and rainshowers, propelled on that very cold wind.

I'll be catching up with alerts hopefully later today, but more likely tomorrow. I did take pictures on the wee outing, but am unable to put them on the journal, as the photo-buttons are greyed out and not working.


  1. Hope you can resolve the pix problem, Guido, I'm anxious to see them.  Our weather's been perfect the last few days, long may it last.  CATHY

  2. That's annoying about the photos Guido.  Just as annoying as me finding my batteries were low in my camera when I set off for my walk today...I'm getting geriatric and fogetful these days.  Lol!
    Hope AOL sorts itself out soon for you.  We have quite a bit of snow on the tops.  It looks lovely but it can stay there!

  3. Looking forward to the pics.

  4. I hope you are able to post the pics soon. I always love your galleries.