Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Junkmail prevention (UK)

Fed up with the daily supply of junkmail through the letterbox? Had enough of losing normal mail in the deluge of other unwanted stuff? If you're in the UK, help is at hand.

This page, from South Wales, gives addresses which will cut the amount of junk you receive by snailmail.


  1. I saw a report recently of a news agent who took out all the junk ,from magazines and papers ,saying he isnt paid enough to distribute this additional stuff...love Jan xx

  2. The Today Show ran a story on a similar website in the States ~ I don't remember where it was though.  I would love to stop the junk mail as some days it is overwhelming and to think of all the trees killed for nothing.  :(

  3. You must have read my mind Guido, I was only thinking along those lines this morning. I`m really fed up with the rubbish that comes through the door. We are always being told to recycle and I think it`s time the senders of junk mail did the same and stop wasting paper!

    Love Sandra xx