Monday, 3 March 2008

Monday 3 March

Good morning all from a bright but very cold Stornoway. We had about 1 or 2 inches of snow overnight, which is thawing rapidly in the bright sun. The temperature does not help, it's barely above freezing. We'll get more snow - it looks decidedly threatening to the north. The cold snap will end tonight, with the mercury heading for the 7C / 45F mark.

Whilst excavations continue at the former Jersey carehome, where the skull of a child was found last week, an erstwhile careworker has spoken out about the atmosphere at Haut de la Garenne in the 1970s. She described the careworkers as ice-cold, and the children being "frozen with fear". Allegations have surfaced over four cellars, where indescribable practices allegedly took place - I am being extremely careful in my wording here. Police issued stern warnings on Saturday, as former residents and staff appear to have been approached with threats not to disclose anything for their own good.


  1. Goodmorning Guido,  I am on here looking for a holiday, Jersey was a thought but not now.
    Jenny <><

  2. What hurts is that we have been totaly unaware of all this Jan xx

  3. I`ve been hearing about the awful weather in Scotland all morning Guido, its not bad here but bitterly cold.  What those poor children must have been through and at least one little girl has been found dead.  How could she not have been missed?  Someone, somewhere must know something.

    Love Sandra xx

  4. What a sickening situation and now threats.  My goodness these folks are pure evil.

  5. oh no, sounds like a huge scandal is going to erupt! May the truth prevail.


  6. helmswondermom3 March 2008 at 22:09

    It needs to all come out, and there needs to be someone(s) held responsible.

  7. I hope they figure it all out and hold someone accountable for the nightmare.