Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sunday 2 March

Reasonably bright day, but with a scattering of showers about. It's not very warm, just below 5C. According to the weather radar, a rash of showers is 20 or 30 miles away to the west. That's got our name on it, in other words. We may get some wintry showers.

Tomorrow marks the 65th anniversary of a fatal crush at a London Underground station. On 3 March 1943, hundreds of people were entering Bethnal Green underground station to seek refuge from an impending airraid. The crowd suddenly surged forward, causing dozens to be crushed and trampled underfoot. 173 were killed, 90 were injured. The link gives an account of events that evening.

On reflection, I think a mistake was made in sending Prince Harry out on active service to start with. It was known that any soldier on active duty would be liable to serve overseas (Iraq or Afghanistan). By implication, Prince Harry would have to be sent overseas as well. On account of his position, there would be grave concerns, and also being in mind his high media profile, any arrangement with the press to keep silent was not going to last. I feel it was unfair on Harry to be trained up as a professional soldier, only to be denied the real thing for any length of time, precisely because of his position. Conversely, Harry himself bemoaned the fact that he would not able to lead a normal life. Well, that's tough, but that's the price of privilege.


  1. Today is supposed to be a balmy 70.  The news about the underground crush that happened is an example of why I wish I was a student of sociology.  What determines the behavior of a crowd, causing stampede's or even riots?  How at that moment of panic does one not be aware they are stepping on another person and feel no concern nor compassion?  I am in agreement with you that they should not send Prince Harry into active duty nor should they send him to Iraq or Afghanistan.  Unthinkable.  Prince Harry who wished for a normal life should've heeded the old adage to be careful what you wish for because sometimes you just might get it.  

    Your friend who sticks cellulars in between on days of 90+ temps, :D


  2. Once upon a time princes were expected to lead their troops into battle.  But then there is reality.  Modern reality.  And in fact his unit could have been in greater danger just by his presence, marking it as a prime target to inflict pain and grief upon the nation.  -  Barbara

  3. I agree with you about Prince Harry. I don't understand why they would do that. He sure didn't last long before the press leaked. What were they thinking?? I would have been so upset if my son had been one of his fellow soldiers. What danger they put those boys in!  As for him wishing for a "normal"'s because he has no idea what a "normal" life involves. I'm quite sure he couldn't handle it. JMO.

  4. Whether it was right or wrong, I`m glad prince Harry was allowed to serve those few weeks in Afghanistan. He always wanted to be a soldier was which always going to be extra difficult because of who he is. In some quarters he has even been dubbed a coward for not going overseas, very unfair in my opinion.

    Love Sandra xx

  5. If he had the opportunity to live a "normal life", I would imagine he would quickly choose the life of being a Prince fairly quickly.  

  6. i see it from the view that Princess Di raised him to go and do just as he did. Maybe he was not able to stay long enough but he was brave and she wanted both her sons to live a real life and not one stuck up in a castle.

    it was 40 degrees here today, a virtual heat wave!!

  7. 1. HRHH didn't ask to be born a prince. All HRH's are a member of the military. Harry has always wanted to be a soldier. Perhaps this was the only profession that would get him out of his un-normal life into another, albiet structured, but..with the lads, doing a good job well.

    2. Part of the fault lies with the media in my view. Of all countries, Australia, a member of the commonwealth, to grass on him is disgusting. Stupid, stupid person.Never mind Harry, it put all the forces at risk. A media black out should be put in force. Harry and family don't need cosy chats in a war zone. Nore do Harry's mates/their families. god only knows how they feel. Do any other countries do this?