Saturday, 1 March 2008

Saturday 1 March

Welcome to the joys of spring. Winter is over (said he, dodging snowballs from across the pond) and lambs are popping out, well, not quite here I don't think. And happy St David's Day if you've got any Welsh connections.

It's a reasonably bright morning and afternoon here, with the odd shower slowly moving east across the island. The high winds we were promised probably happened overnight, but they being northwesterly, were not noticed by yours truly. The strong winds blew containers off a freight train at Shap, Cumbria (northern England), causing severe disruption on the West Coast mainline between Glasgow and London. Elsewhere, cranes were damaged at Felixstowe docks and cars were crushed by falling trees.

The BBC is bringing back an icon of 1980s television, by putting the old BBC1 clock on its revamped homepage. You can even pull the clock animation and put it up as a screen saver.


  1. Yes March came in like a lion and with a vengeance ,Stay safe Jan xx

  2. I didn't get much sleep last night for the noise of the gales Guido.  It was lifting all sorts and chucking it about.  
    We have had lambs since the turn of the yer which I think is too soon for the por creatures.  More and more re being seen as I drive past the fields with them in.  I must tkae a photo of them soon.
    Just checking in before my family arrive for the rest of the weekend.  I'm not happy about the report of storm damage on teh top of Shap as Samantha is travelling over that way as I type.

  3. I tell you, I love spring for all the new babies that come.  The only reason I don't like spring is because I know summer is coming.  ick....


  4. springangel2352 March 2008 at 12:51

    We are hoping for winter to be over here too.....but it doesn't look like it will be soon...hope your spring is a nice one!
    Take care...

  5. I WISH winter was over, doesn't look like he is leaving without a good fight though.  UGH!  I did see a Robin this morning, poor dear, it was only 25 with wind chill of 16!